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David Ogden - Simple Accounting Services
Simple Accounting Services

David Ogden – General Manager

SAS reduced their total number of debtors by over 25%!

Norm Mckenzie - Meta Solutions
Meta Solutions

Norm Mckenzie – Founder, CEO

Meta Solutions has reduced their Accounts Outstanding by 90%

Debtor Daddy is working for businesses in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and more.

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Are your customers treating you like a bank?

Your money should be in your bank account, not in your customers’ bank account. Debtor Daddy helps you get paid faster. Your customers will also like it, with automatic courtesy reminders sent just before an invoice is due.

Slash the time you spend chasing unpaid invoices.

How much time do you waste chasing unpaid invoices each month? Wouldn't it be nice to know that every day, every week someone is staying on top of your debt recovery. Let Debtor Daddy do it for you.

How much are your unpaid invoices costing you?

Every day an invoice remains unpaid it costs you in interest & lost opportunities. Find out how much your debtors are costing you.

Escalate to debt collectors at the click of a button.

Let's face it, some customers need more than a reminder. Easily escalate any invoice to the big boys with a single click.

Safe & Secure
Always backed-up & always up-to-date.

Your data is protected by 128-bit encryption and is hosted & backed up in a secure data centre. Debtor Daddy is also directly connected to your Xero Account – so it is always up-to-date.

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Why is Debt Collection and Credit Control so important?

Today’s world runs on credit, it’s a fact. People expect to get services or products now and pay later, but a healthy business runs on cash flow. Getting customers to pay on time is a critical part of any business, large or small. So often good businesses, with sound practices and good products fail due to cash flow problems caused by customers not paying their bills on time.

People don’t pay their bills on time!
Increasingly customers expect to be reminded to pay their debts, if they sense any leniency in the system they will push this to the limit of acceptability - or even further if they think they can get away with not paying!

You NEED a debt collector!
To prevent debt collection from becoming a serious problem, business owners need to put in place a formalised credit control process. To be most effective this should be run by a specific person or department, whose sole purpose is to chase and collect overdue debts in a timely and efficient manner. However most small businesses cannot afford this luxury.

Get paid faster
Debtor Daddy is a cost effective and efficient credit control system that uses a unique combination of automated reminders and proven debt collection techniques to improve your businesses cash flow by getting you paid faster.


Hire a full time credit controller from $29/mth.
For a fraction of the cost of a salary, Debtor Daddy will monitor your invoices, track your debtors and remind them to pay on time. It’s simple, set & forget, so you can spend more time running your business.

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